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Mecom Building, G.R.N.W, Mauritius
Phone : 208 0468 / 210 5354
Fax : 208 6357


Flexicom is a company dealing with hydraulic hoses and fittings supply.

  • We have five vehicles (mobile workshop called Hose Doctor) around the Island to service customer’s machines
  • We have a depot in the East for surrounding customers
  • We have our main workshop in Grande Rivière, Port Louis

All our technicians have mobile phones and are able to provide customers with 24/7 service.

Flexicom also sells and service construction equipment such as :

  • Vibrating equipment: (electric pokers and convertors, high frequency petrol and diesel convertors)
  • Welding generators
  • Pneumatic Breakers
  • Power floats
  • Asphalt cutters
  • flexicom field service van
  • flexicom showroom
  • flexicom stock
  • flexicom stock
  • flexicom workshop